※Simple Steps to Use:

Step 1: Soak toenail in warm water for 10 minutes to soften ingrown nail.
Step 2: Wrap off the water drops and find a easy gesture to clean nail. Step 3: Sterilize the nail file and lifter with alcohol.
Step 4: Lift the sharp ingrown nails from the nail bed with nail lifter. Clean dirty.
Step 5: Use angled end file slide into lifter area to file inner surface. Then file the outer side surface with straight end.
Step 6: Clean cuticle callus by cuticle fork.
Step 7: Disinfect the tools and wipe ingrown part with alcohol.

※Package Contains:

1 × Ingrown Toenail Lifter;
1 × Ingrown Toenail File;
1 × Nail Cuticle Fork;
1 × Storage Box;
1 × User Manual;

【Premium Material】: This professional pedicure tools are made of surgical grade stainless steel and polishing finished. Rust-proof, Water-proof, Long lifespans.
【Powerful Function Lifter】:Double curved ends are suit for both left and right foot. With little spoons on it curved end’s that make it gets under even the closest toe nail to grab even the smallest bits of debris.Good clean away dirty inside the nail, Keep nails neatly, prevent future ingrown infection and toenail pain.
【Upgraded Toenail File】: Different from traditional nail file, our nail file is designed with one straight end for file outer nail edge or surface and one curved end for filing inner surface to round out the corners of nail.
【New design Cuticle Fork】: With 45° sharp blade and ergonomic non-slip hadle, this tool will help us to clean up cuticle callus easily.
【Portable Kits Design】: This pedicure tools come with a storage box for protection, user manual for scaning. Value gift for ourself, friend, family.


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