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“Phytomer’s Oléocrème Body Milk drenches the skin in moisture, with its “anti-thirst” formula. Quickly absorbed with a silky finish, the cashmere emulsion nourishes and preserves youth for velvety-smooth skin.Phytomer의 Oléocrème 바디 밀크는 “갈증 방지” 포뮬러로 수분을 흡수합니다. 실크 마감으로 빠르게 흡수되는 캐시미어 에멀전은 벨벳처럼 매끄러운 피부를 위해 젊음을 보존합니다. 1 x Phytomer Oléocrème – Ultra-moisturizing body milk”

Set Contains:

1 x Phytomer Oléocrème – Ultra-moisturizing body milk

The duo of moisturising & nourishing ingredients: Glycerin and Shea Butter give Oléocrème Body Milk an “anti-thirst” formula
Delicately nourishes the skin
Brings comfort and suppleness to the skin
Preserves the youth appearance of the skin
Citrus notes with an iris, rose, jasmine heart and softened with vanilla


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