♥Round and spiral double tips design helps you meet multiple purposes in the daily life,

this 100% organic cotton swabs can be applied in beauty&cosmetic,for baby/children/adult,household,pet care and so on

♥Made with 100% organic cotton and biodegradable wooden stick, fragrance free/No sensitizer

♥This Black Cotton swabs with their durable cotton head will not easily ravel, is gentle to your skin and items surface.

♥Contains: 1 pack of 200 Organic Cotton Swabs

✔ROUND AND SPIRAL HEAD DESIGN♥Black cotton swabs have the two different shapes of cotton tip to meet the various needs of your life.
✔MATERIAL♥Made with high quality 100% natural cotton and biodegradable wooden sticks,soft and smooth, friendly to your skin
✔ECO-FRIENDLY♥The organic cotton ear swab for the bathroom are plastic-free and fully recyclable. They are a great alternative for replacing polluting plastics.
✔VERSATILE♥Not just for your ears! You can use the compostable Paper cotton swabs for cleaning, makeup, oral health, pet care and much more.
✔ADULTS/KIDS/CHILD CARE♥black cotton balls easy to use for adults/kids/Child wound,fingers,nose and outer ear


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