【Nourishing Cuticle Care Kit】Nail Care Kit includes: Cuticle Cream 30ml, nail alcohol tablets 20pcs, Nail File*1, Nail Block*1 and replacement tablets 8pcs. Keep your nails healthy and nourish your hands with the cuticle oil cream in the Morovan Nail Care Kit, Let you have a spa-like experience every time you have a home or travel manicure!
【Quickly Bring Healthy and Beautiful Nail Luster】Before filing nails with Morovan professional nail file, please clean the nails with cleaning Pads, then use nail buffer to smooth the surface of each nail, and use nourishing cuticle oil cream to promote health growing up.
【Natural Ingredients Cuticle Oil Cream】The essence cuticle oil cream extracted from natural plants can quickly penetrate the circulation of the nail bed, activate the healthy nail cuticle, and make the nail absorb nutrients full of vitality.
【Nail Cuticle Repair】The nutrient-rich cuticle oil cream nail care kit can be applied to any nails, fingernails, toe nails. Let dry, sensitive, and fragile nails get natural luster, which can strengthen and restore nail cuticle.
【4 Way Best Nail Buffer】After Morovan Nail Filer , use this four sided nail buffer and cuticle oil to smooth & shine for 14 days worth of best natural beauty.


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