THIS IS IT Y’ALL: The first ever Certified Non-Toxic, Microbiome Safe and Clinically Proven teeth whitening regimen on the market. Naturally derived ingredients + science for the win.
WHITENS WITHOUT SENSITIVITY: Using potent oils to break up stains, leaving smoother, cleaner and brighter looking teeth without stripping enamel or causing tooth sensitivity, Lumineux offers a daily use teeth whitening regimen that works as well as the leading brand without the pain of traditional hydrogen peroxide based whiteners.
PROTECTS 99.9% OF HEALTHY BACTERIA: Lumineux products are the first on the market that have been clinically proven to enhance and protect the oral microbiome, leading to better whole body health, improved digestion, and a mouth uncompromisingly bright and beautiful!
DENTIST FORMULATED WHITENING KIT: Think of our team of dentists and researchers as your best friends. They spent decades choosing each ingredient for its benefits and purity, creating the most hard-working oral care products on the market. Lumineux has combined ancient homeopathic ingredients with evidence based elements, affectively merging nature and science. Finally.
CERTIFIED NON-TOXIC, SLS FREE, PRESERVATIVE FREE:. You read that right! Our products do not contain any SLS, preservatives, or other cytotoxic ingredients. No Bleach or Harsh Chemicals, Certified Non-Toxic, SLS Free, Vegan, Preservative Free, Sugar Free, Dentist Formulated & Recommended.


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