Style Name:Fuzz Free Facial Razor

Gently, quickly and easily smooth away annoying peach fuzz and unwanted facial hair using About Face Products products Fuzz-Free facial beauty Groomers. With three disposable beauty Groomers per pack, these lightweight, compact, user-friendly beauty tools fit perfectly in a make-up, cosmetic or toiletry bag and can be neatly concealed within a bathroom drawer. Ideal for shaping eyebrows and removing hair on cheeks, chins, upper lips and foreheads with control, the beauty groomer controls hair and leaves skin glowing and flawless. This beauty tool helps to exfoliate skin and trigger a high rate of skin cell turnover, minimizing uneven skin tone for a healthy-looking appearance. The design of the almost two-inch, stainless-steel blade allows the groomer to trim, comb, shape, clean and maintain even the coarsest and thickest facial hair with ease. Part of the trusted Kai brand, About Face Products products Fuzz-Free facial beauty Groomers provide professional-quality results in the comfort of home.

Perfect for cheeks, chins and Foreheads, About Face Products products facial beauty groomers neatly groom and shape hair to maintain the desired length and look, providing long-lasting, professional-quality results
Whether for an unexpected business meeting or quick trip to the grocery store, Fuzz-Free facial razors allows professional women and stay-at-home moms alike to look their best quickly and easily
Dancers, models, runners, swimmers, cyclists, travelers and adventurers can gently smooth away peach fuzz and shave unwanted hair for a clean, refreshed, flawless look every time
Fuzz-free facial beauty groomers tackle both fine or coarse hair growth and are gentle on sensitive or delicate skin, making them ideal for shaping, contouring, thinning and grooming unruly eyebrows
Exfoliating and smoothing the surface of all skin types, these groomers remove and eliminate unsightly hair and dead skin cells for supreme softness and a fresh, youthful look after every use


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