The set is made using food-grade silicone. The super-soft silicone bristles do not irritate the skin. Use the complete set the next time you bathe or shower for a truly rejuvenating experience.

Use the bath brush for complete deep body cleansing.
The shower brush is long (80 cm). It has an ergonomic design that allows the silicone scrubber to scrub the entire back easily. The long size makes it suitable for both men and women. It has two different sides, which are meant to perform differently. The soft silicone bristles exfoliate while gently massaging your whole body, leaving it soft and plump.

Use the face brush to cleanse and soften your face.
The silicone face cleansing brush has even softer bristles that can clean and exfoliate your skin. Use the brush to help open pores and gently remove impurities and dead skin. The type of silicone used makes it suitable to be used by all skin types.

Use the head massager to exfoliate your scalp.
Suitable for all types of hair. The shampoo scalp massager has soft thick bristles to help stimulate the scalp. The grip handle is comfortable and allows you to move the brush smoothly throughout the scalp.

Included Items
1 x Silicone Bath Body Brush
1 x Silicone Face Cleanser Brush
1 x Nose Brush
1 x Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush
1 x Hanging Hook

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REFRESH & REVITALIZE – It’s is a full head to toe personal hygiene body brush set. It includes a silicone body brush to help exfoliate and clean your whole body. You also get a silicone face brush to help cleanse your pores. The set also includes a scalp brush to help massage your scalp gently. You also get a brush that help exfoliate blackheads to give you a sparkling clean nose!
FULL COVERAGE EXFOLIATING BRUSH – The silicone bath brush is 80cm long, making it the perfect length and suitable for both men and women. The size makes it much easier to reach the lower back. It’s dual-sided. One side has an excellent exfoliating texture; the other side is soft for promoting blood circulation.
SUPER-SOFT FACE EXFOLIATOR – The super-soft silicone face cleanser brush helps clean and open up those clogged pores. It’s only 8g, so it’s lightweight. Gently massage your face using the soft silicone bristles to help exfoliate and soften your facial skin.
MANUAL SCALP SCRUBBER – The shampoo brush has an ergonomic design. Suitable for all hair types. Enjoy the feeling by massaging your scalp and reducing the itchiness in the shower. The soft brush is sure to leave your hair and scalp feeling much cleaner and relaxed.
IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – The silicone exfoliator set is made from food-grade silicone, which makes it suitable for all skin types. The choice of material makes it safe and easy to clean. The bristles are also very soft, and they effectively exfoliate, massage, and promote smoother skin.



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