NATURAL & SMOOTH REGROWTH – The gentle conditioning formula harnesses the moisturizing power of lanolin to prevent cracking and splitting of brittle nails by promoting the growth of healthy, smooth nails.
CUTICLE HERO – Beeswax strengthens and thickens cuticle fibers by sealing in moisture and preventing cracked and peeling nails.
STRONGER NAILS – Beautiful nails begin with a strong nail bed and germinal matrix. The Elon Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner provides noticeable improvement in just 2-3 weeks in most cases.
NOURISH & PROTECT– Formulated for all levels of nail need, from severe problem nails to healthy nail maintenance. The Lanolin-Rich Nail Conditioner aids new nail growth and keeps cuticles healthy.
ELON ESSENTIALS – Recommended to patients by dermatologists and podiatrists for over 25 years, Elon Essentials is a trusted brand that has provided effective, pharmaceutical-grade hair, skin, and nail products since 1991.


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