Scent:Fragrance Free

A blend of jojoba wax ester, olive and grape seed oils, vitamins and scented oils designed to penetrate your nails and skin while filling your nostrils with a divine scent. Jojoba is almost identical to your body’s natural oils. This nail oil penetrates your nails, keeping them strong and flexible. It also penetrates your skin and keeps it soft and healthy. Hard, brittle nails break. Strong nails are flexible and bend against outside forces. This oil gives your nails what they need to flex so they break less. Your nails will be longer and stronger. During the 3 days initial hydration treatment your nails and cuticles absorbs a lot of oil while they are getting back into balance. Our starter kit comes with 4 nail oil pens. One for your purse, desk, by your bed, and by your TV.

Repairs peeling and brittle nails in 3 days, eliminates hangnails within 5 days and decreases skin wrinkling
Made with natural ingredients and has no harsh chemicals
Prevents cracking of nail polish, gel and acrylic nail enhancements
Convenient brush pen applicator
Protects and nourishes nails, skin and hair


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