Invest wisely in the things that look after your hands and toes!

Are your hands going through a rough patch of life? 
Do they scream professional grooming from every inch of the skin?
Worry no more!
The all-in-one nail cleaning tools by BEZOX is a life-saver and gives excellent results within no time.

Make your nails appear longer:
Did you know, “Cutting your cuticles turn them hard and your nails weaker?”
The BEZOX nail grooming tools feature a cuticle pusher that can brush the cuticles back effectively and easily without cutting them. It also helps to make your nails appear stronger, healthier, and longer.
The cuticle pusher features two parts to push your cuticles back:
1. The round part to push back cuticles on the surface.
2. The edgy part to push down the cuticles at the corners of your nails.
Bid farewell to Ingrown Nails:

If you’ve suffered from ingrown nails you would know how painful it is to lift the nail and apply the medicine. 
But not with the BEZOX nail lifter tool anymore.
The BEZOX nail cleaning kit features the amazing nail lifter that would help you get rid of suffering from ingrown nails. It is made of 100% stainless steel, and thus, sturdy and harmless to the skin and nails.
Cured radian design lets your file the hard edges away

Filing painful ingrown edges can be the most cumbersome thing to do!
Therefore, the BEZOX nail cleaning tools feature a cured radian designed toenail file to naturally file away the hard ingrown edges or thick part which dig into the nail and cause pain.
Trim your overgrown or dead cuticles

Over the years, your cuticles can overgrow or may die, which makes your hands look dreary.
With BEZOX cuticle fork, you can now professionally trim your dead or overgrown cuticles away without a hitch.

PROFESSIONA TOOL FOR NAIL PROBLEMS: The BEZOX nail cleaning tools are ideal for professional and personal use leaving away all the discomfort by ingrown and infected nails.
COMPLETE NAIL CARE TOOLS PACKAGE: These two nail cleaning tools feature toenail file, cuticle pusher, toenail lifter/ nail pick, and cuticle fork.
EASY TO USE: The tools are super easy to use, even in the most stubborn toe areas and work like a charm for ingrown and thick nails.
ANTI-SLIP HANDLE: BEZOX nail cleaning tools has an anti-slip ergonomic handle that features power grip to maximize hand capacity.
DURABLE: BEZOX nail grooming tools are made of 100% medical grade stainless steel that won’t rust or tarnish, and so it can be used for years.


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