16G Piercing Needles, Surgical Steel Ear Nose Belly Tongue Nipple Eyebrow 10 Pieces – Silver

Color: Silver
Size: 16G
Material: 316L Medical Stainless Steel,very strong and durable

Tri-Beveled Surgical Steel Hollow Piercing Needles

Each Needle Comes in Sealed Pack, New and Unused, very clean and hygienic
Disposable body piercing needles

Widely use:
Belly Button Ring, Eyebrow, Tongue, Tragus, Rook, Labret, Daith, Nipple,Chin

Package includes:
10pcs x Disposable body piercing needles

Please Attention!

Our disposable body piercing needles are intended to be used by a professional piercer only! Those who do not have experience with body piercing needles, we recommend using them under the guidance of experienced users

Color: Silver; Size: 16G – Needle mouth-1.2mm,Tri-Beveled Needles – 48mm in length – about 2″
Material: 316L Medical Stainless Steel,very strong and durable
Disposable Surgical Steel Hollow Piercing Needles, each Needle Comes in Sealed Pack, new and unused
This Product is intended to be Used by a Professional Piercer Only; The stainless steel needle is sharp, so be careful not to get your hands in it


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