Fingernails are a composite of keratin cells and the perfect balance of about 18 percent moisture (water) and about 5 percent body oil.

◆Nails that have inadequate moisture split and fracture like the dry earth.

◆Water, nail polish removers, and soap wash away your finger body oil, which over time weakens the nail plate and causes all kinds of damage.

◆Replenishing the layers of your nails with Cuticle Pens is an excellent way to replace your body oil.

◆When you use Oil Pen regularly, you’ll get nails that BEND instead of BREAK so they will grow long, strong and beautiful.


◆Repairs peeling, brittle nails in 3 days, eliminates hangnails within 5 days, and decreases skin wrinkling

◆Main ingredients is Palm oil, easy to assimilated

◆Keep you away from cracking of nail polish, gel, and acrylic nail enhancements

◆Convenient brush pen applicator. Take it on the go, in your purse or in your car


◆Rush a tiny amount of oil all over your nail, cuticle, sidewalls and under the free edge of your nail. You only need a thin layer of oil so they feel slightly slippery. There is no need to look “all greased up.” You only need 1 or 2 clicks of  oil per nail.

◆When you feel the oil has been absorbed and your nails aren’t slippery, your nails are ready for you to reapply more oil.  You might need 5 to 10 applications the first day , After it two or three times as a day.

Longer, stronger nails after using
Fewer breaks and tears
Help your cuticles and hangnails heal
Reduced appearance of wrinkles in skin around nails
Get the gorgeous nails you’ve always wanted


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